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Can innovation make our roads safer?

How can you as a person continue to protect yourself as good as possible?

Safety and innovation are very important to us, so it's obvious that we want you to know more about it. The constant improvement of technology is causing the car industry to grow and develop. That's why a fair amount of entities are demanding the development of safety on the roads thanks to technological innovation. Here are 4 major innovations that have already been developed and that will change our everyday life.

A bodywork that softens

This idea hasn't been commercialised yet but it will be seen on the roads in about 3-4 years. Who came up with this brilliant idea? It was 'Google', they want to provide safety to pedestrians in the case where automatic driven cars can't avoid collision. The American multinational company has worked for years on this project and they're convinced that it will save lives.

However how does this work, how can a cars' bodywork soften? The bodywork will be divided into hundreds of special dowelling panels which are controlled by a computer. If a pedestrian approaches the car, the cars' sensors will send a signal and the bodywork will soften and if the car were to hit the pedestrian, the shock would be decreased and major injuries would be avoided.

This technology will draw the attention of several manufacturers and hopefully it will be seen on the market in the near future.

Source (fr) : Europe 1

High visible pedestrian crossings

These pedestrian rossings will be surrounded by very bright boundary markers that will allow the driver to really see pedestrians crossing the road for example at night. This idea isn't revolutionary, but it's original. The company 'Abel éclairage' has already started installing these boundary markers in several villages around the globe with the help of its system 'S-Pass'. The idea is well appreciated because pedestrians and especially pedestrians crossing the road aren't always seen at night.

Source (fr) : Abel éclairage

Car-to-X, connects safety with roads

This technology was developed by the 'Mercedes'. The global German automobile marque is trying to advertise its idea and it wants the whole car industry to release this innovative method at the same moment.

This technology requires a huge amount of information and data to work. The cars on this network need to be connected to each other so they can exchange valuable information.

Imagine driving past a pothole or a danger zone. Wouldn't it be helpful and effective to somehow let other drivers know that they could be in danger and potentially cause an accident? Car-to-X does exactly that, this technology sends a signal to the other cars on the network and warns them about dangers on the road. Additionally, the drivers approaching the danger zone can easily bypass this specific route and continue their journey.

This technology is starting to integrate itself into the modern connected car world, it has already been installed in several Mercedes cars!

Source : Mercedes

Game of Roads: A daily driving instructor

Game of Roads, the app that gets the best out of every driver, leads you through your everyday life and all of your journeys. The app judges your driving skills, recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and lets you know how you can become a better driver.

Becoming a better driver makes the roads safer and that's what the 'Game of Roads' app is trying to do. The app can be fun too, complete multiple missions and win as many badges as possible.

This list of innovations is by far not completed, new ideas that will make our roads and lives safer are yet to come. So sit tight because the process has only begun.