1. Floodings in Luxembourg : do you need to take a special insurance ?

    When you decide where to live in Luxembourg, you seldom ask about potential flooding risks. Yet, in case of doubt, you'd better check out if you are really protected.

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  2. Problems of a globetrotter

    Holidays ruined by something unexpected? It happens. Trips and holidays come with risks that we often underestimate. Let's look at a few situations we might encounter while travelling with an experienced globetrotter.

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  3. Horse riding: a hobby and an economic sector

    In Luxembourg, easy access to wide, green spaces means that the practice of horse riding is very widespread there, but subtly so. On the occasion of the Luxembourg Réiser Päerdsdeeg/CSI, a landmark event in the equestrian sector, Bâloise puts the spotlight on horse riding in Luxembourg.

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  4. Real estate: insurance at every level!

    In Luxembourg, the rate of construction is not keeping up with the growth in population. And yet 3,500 new dwellings are being built every year. Amongst all these new constructions, it should be noted that from construction through to promotion and occupation, Luxembourg's insurers (including Bâloise Assurances) are involved at every level

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  5. Completing your tax return, it's not that complicated

    For taxpayers who fill in a tax return in Luxembourg, the date of 31 March acts as the deadline for filing it. Have you missed this deadline? Don't panic: firstly, the authorities tolerate a certain delay, and secondly, we have 4 explanatory videos to help you.

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