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Meet Sarah, a young driver

Her name is Sarah, she's 19 years old, lives in Diekirch and she passed her driving test.

Sarah studies at the University of Luxembourg in Esch and she gets to school by bus. Of course she loves shopping and likes hanging out with her friends on the week-end and at the moment she is using her parents' car.

The joy of owning your first car

Sarah is a good driver and as a reward her parents bought her a second-hand car for her 19th birthday, a Mini Cooper S. The car should arrive in two weeks, however firstly, Sarah needs a car insurance.

Sarah has realised that car insurances for new drivers are not cheap and her parents do not want to pay for the insurance too because they think that Sarah should be confronted by such problems as early as possible.

Thankfully, Sarah remembers seeing an advertisement on her way to school.

This advertisement got her attention and she thinks it should be obvious that she should pay less insurance if she drives better and safer than other young drivers. So Sarah downloaded the 'Game of Roads' app and she is currently using it in her parents' car.

What about Sarah's car insurance?

Thanks to her good, safe driving qualities, Sarah got a 30% discount on her car insurance and subscribed to the first national car connected insurance. She easily subscribed on the Baloise Insurances Website and that's what Sarah wants because she doesn't want to waste any time and paper.