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Mistakes: Do we talk about mistakes made by other drivers?

Sometimes danger comes from other drivers.

It's easier to understand why controlling your driving environment is essential when it comes to avoiding dangerous drivers who might cause serious accidents.

« The faster you go, the less time you have to react, the longer it takes to stop and the bigger the mess when you do stop »

There are several types of drivers:

  1. Those drivers who stick to speed limits and manage to grasp the danger and adapt to their surroundings,
  2. Those who drive slightly faster without really realising,
  3. And others who believe they are competent drivers capable of managing their speed and sometimes have an incorrect view of their speed. They feel like they're in total control of their vehicle, but are they really?

Let's have a look at this TV ad from 2014 in New Zealand which is aimed at this type of driver.

The “Mistakes” campaign was launched on 5 January 2014 by the Government body  NZ Transport Agency in New Zealand. This wonderful campaign conveys a simple message: your speed not only has consequences on you, but also on the car or pedestrian you hit.                                         

The issue of speed in road safety ads isn't new, but various bodies and associations are coming up with many imaginative ideas to find a way of passing on the message, reaching you, and making sure you're aware when you get into a car.

It's possible to be a very good driver and still make mistakes. When this happens and we're driving at high speed, it's obviously more important to make up for them.

And yet, the smallest error on the road can have major consequences, so make sure that you adapt your speed to your environment and you'll be largely rewarded. 

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