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Road Courtesy Week is a Go!

Every year the same period kicks off road courtesy week.

This year, the international road courtesy week organized by AFPC will take place from 18 to 26 March 2017

Especially when you know that what causes the most stress for every driver on the road is... other drivers! A while ago we asked you about this on our Facebook page and you answered loud and clear.


Does courtesy at the wheel have a domino effect?

If drivers have trouble sharing the road, it makes it even more difficult for each one of them to be courteous at the wheel, especially when you understand that aggravation always causes a domino effect.

That's because someone who gets mad because of another driver (who overtook her on the left, for example) will automatically go after the driver in front, and so on.

"87 %   of drivers acknowledged that a courteous attitude can encourage them to be courteous in turn; that a simple act of kindness or aggression can trigger a series of events that will create an enjoyable, safer environment - or a stressful and more dangerous one."
Source: Régis Chomel de Jarnieu – President of the AFPC


So this week (and beyond?), let's flip the vicious cycle and each make an effort, in the hope that joy and good feelings can be spread from car to car all along the road. 

And if you're not sure what you can do to lower your stress at the wheel and act more courteously, follow our four simple tips that will definitely be very helpful to you.