1. How to prepare your car before going on holiday

    There’s nothing more frustrating and disconcerting than your car breaking down on the road leading to your holiday destination. And we’re not even talking about the ridiculous prices asked by some mechanics when abroad, which could easily burn a hole in your holiday budget. We hope these are reasons enough to get your car checked before leaving home!

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  2. Motorbike winter-storage management

    For all you motorbike enthusiasts, here are some tips to correctly store away your motorbikes for the winter!

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  3. Meet Sarah, a young driver

    Her name is Sarah, she's 19 years old, lives in Diekirch and she passed her driving test.

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  4. Digitalisation: the end of traditional insurance?

    “Innovation in insurance is now possible” - XAVIER ROBLIN, Head of Digital Marketing at Bâloise Luxembourg.

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